Thursday, May 04, 2006


Now's the time on Sprockets when we dance!

Given that none of you confessed to knowing anything about the Six Million Dollar Man, I have little faith that you will get this SNL reference. Regardless, I thought it might be helpful and fun as you prepare for the final exam to talk generally about the novels. Did you like them? Which ones? Were they frustrating? awful? corny? breathtaking? Who was your favorite character? Least favorite? If you could have made one change to any of the novels (in terms of what happened in them) what would it be? Anything (related to our six novels) goes!

This is neither a mandatory nor graded part of the blog: comment if you want, or remain silent. In other words, you can dance if you want to!

This really has nothing to do with my personal feelings towards the novels or the characters in them, but I believe you said "Anything (related to our six novels) goes!"

I just wanted to let whoever know that my mother teaches at a Catholic high school and this past school year they have encouraged everyone in the school (students and faculty) to read The Kite Runner outside of his/her normal class duties. They also had an online discussion for both teachers and students and I think did some kite flying outside the school. I thought this was interesting considering our discussion in class (and on the blog) about the use of a popular novel to tell the story of Afghanistan.

When she found out that I was also reading the book for class, she sent me these two links about the Afghan kite culture that might be interesting to someone:

Kite Life

Afghan Magazine

Also, I was watching Bridget Jones' Diary this weekend and discovered that Salman Rushdie has a small cameo. Midnight’s Children was actually my favorite novel of the semester. I think I am going to suggest that the high school reads it next year, just for fun.
Kate, you are a brave woman! Midnight's Children to high schoolers!! I'm so glad you outed yourself as a MC fan -- it is one of my favorite novels. Thanks for this interesting post about Kite Runner and for the links.
This isn't really related to the novels, but I just wanted to let you know that I got the SNL reference.
My favorite book this semester was, without a doubt, On Beauty. Has anyone read Smith's earlier novel, White Teeth and would recommend it?
I would recommend White Teeth! I think Zadie Smith is brilliant, and I liked On Beauty more, I think, because I read it over a longer period of time. It is a rarity that I permit myself to get completely frustrated with characters as I did with Howard- for some peculiar reason I felt he could realistically exist somewhere in the world, and that upset me.

My favourite novel of the semester was Midnight's Children. It challenged me in a way that made me excited about reading the books for the rest of the semester.

I also got the reference:)
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